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|constants={{LSL Constants/Chat}}

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Function: llTextBox( key avatar, string message, integer action );

Shows a dialog box on avatar's screen with the text message. The dialog bog contains a text box for input, any text that is entered is chatted on chat_channel when the "OK" button is clicked.

• key avatar avatar UUID that is in the same region
• string message Text to display in the message box
• integer action Channel to chat on
Channel Constant Description
DEBUG_CHANNEL 0x7FFFFFFF Chat channel reserved for script debugging and error messages, broadcasts to all nearby users.
PUBLIC_CHANNEL 0x0 Chat channel that broadcasts to all nearby users. This channel is sometimes referred to as: open chat, local chat and public chat.


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 1.0 seconds.
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Deep Notes


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function void llTextBox( key avatar, string message, integer action );