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This is a list with religious places on Second Life. The list is divided for each religion and is made in Alphabetic order, with some added information. The list was made after searchings done by Second Life Geography group. Note that the list might actually be much greater and new places need to be added. Also, from time to time, new places are created and others deleted, so after some time the list might require periodical updates.

Asian Religions

Silk Waters Mountain, the statue
  • Buddha Center is in Buddhism sim, a place to learn about Buddhist religion and to meditate. Entire sim is created for this.
  • Buddhist Temple is located in Hauwai sim🖈, Jeogeot. It is a small parcel, surrounded by nature, with a golden statue of Buddha.
  • Ganesh Temple is placed in Nautilus - Shashar, Nautilus City. It is a place to worship the Indian gods.
  • Gayatri Temple is located in Gayatri sim, Satori. It is a complex place that hosts 3 major things: an Indian temple, a replica of the holly Kaaba and the Philosopher Stone. A lot of teachings and gifts are awaiting you here. The place has not been deleted by linden labs for over three years even though the group and the land owners are gone.
  • Lilipily Spirit is a temple dedicated to Buddha ans Shiva, in Jeogeot continent. It is built on the ruins of a much larger one.
  • Kanninji Zen Retreat is a wonderful place surrounded by vegetation, in Little Pacific Ocean, sim Snowlion Mountain.
  • Silk Waters Mountain is a multisim Buddhist monastery, hosted mainly in Ayas sim, Snowlands Subcontinent, Sansara.
  • Zen Gardens Of Achemon are in Achemon sim, Heterocera, a nice place to relax and meditate.


The entrance to Coptic Egypt cathedral
  • Agios Spiridon Greek Church is in Macedonia sim, close to A036 Sim Cluster. It is small and it is an Orthodox church.
  • Angel's Church is a church in Lilith sim, Satori. It is very long and wide, but not high.
  • Calvary Chapel Second Lif is a Neoprotestant church in Meldenrake sim, Corsica. It has a large, modern building.
  • Church Of God In Praise is placed in Crystal Springs, Mulllins National Park. It is a christian organization online ministry sharing the word of the lord. Presiding Bishop David Mullins Simply (Bishop Mullins). It is soon to be Second life's First and Largest Mega Church in 2016.
  • Church Of The Downtrader is a place that does not look like a church, in Dreamworld Sim Cluster, Born sim.
  • Church Of Our Saviour is a Catholic church in Zelling sim, Corsica. This church is special due to its incredibe height.
  • Coptic Egypt is an entire sim in A188 Sim Cluster, Little Pacific Ocean, with a large Coptic church. This is the largest of all churches existeng today on the grid.
  • Eternal Church Of God is a big Protestant church in Little Gems sim, Far North Ocean.
  • First United Church Of Christ is in fact a conference center in A197 Sim Cluster, sim First UCC Island.
  • Gardens of Grace is in [[1]], Cloud Nine sim. A place for peace and reflection. Chapel, prayer, memorial area.
  • Grace Baptist Church is in Lionheart Microcontinent, Lionheart Plumbaa sim. As its name says, this is a Baptist church.
  • God's House Of Prayer Church is an open-air unconventional church inside the Unassociated Sims of Far North Ocean, sim House Of Prayer.
  • Hram Svetog Save - St. Sava is an Orthodox church in Loom Weaver sim, Satori continent. It is big and has a large park.
  • Koinonia Congregational Church is located in Xenia sim, Little Northern Ocean. Its design is really unconventional.
  • Life Non - Denominational is in West Sansara Sim Cluster, Experience Island. It is a large amphitheatre with plastic chairs.
  • Mykonos Island is placed in Hellenic Island, one of the many Unassociated Sims in Northern Ocean. It is an old, white Greek Orthodox church.
  • St. George Orthodox Christian Church is in Sansara, Snowlands Subcontinent, Larsson sim and has a large park around.
  • Mocha Cathedral is placed in Mocha sim, Sansara, not far from GSLR. It is a massive, long and high construction.
  • The Wright Christian Church is placed in Katana Isles, A124 Sim Cluster. It is a church with an active life. They offer a wide range of services

to the community and their members and are very friendly to anybody.


A small replica of Holly Kaaba
  • Arab Avatar is the name of a populated sim that hosts a modern Arabic town.
  • Athan School Of Islamic Domination is an Islamic institute in Otter Valley sim, Valley Sim Cluster. It is a highly populated place.
  • Virtual Morocco is an alternative name for Casablanca sim, Little Northern Ocean. As a Muslim town, it has its own mosque.

For unknown reasons, many Islamic places recently vanished from the grid. However, a small replica of the Holly Kaaba is in Gayatri Temple (see chapter about Asian religions).


  • Angel Temple is placed in Quietly Tuesday sim, Nautilus and is something between Yoga and the worship to angels.
  • Baha'i Lotus Temple is a lotus-shape construction in UUtopia sim, Grid Sector H13. Baha'i is a new religion.
  • Jewish Community is located in Nessus sim, Heterocera.


  • Temple Of Isis is an infohub in Heterocera, Iris sim. It is a replica of an old Egyptean temple.
  • Temple Of The Prim is built in Kwaito sim, Corsica. It is almost entire abandoned, at the end of a beautiful road.

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