SL Certification - Meeting Minutes/2010-03-20

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2010-03-20 Meeting Agenda

  • Status of Phase 1
  • Proceeding with Phase 2
  • Group Ownership Change
  • Q&A
  • Meeting start: 9:00 am slt
  • Meeting end: 10 am slt
  • In Attendance:

1. Ju Roussel

2. Ima Mechanique

3. Pim Peccable

4. Patrice Cournoyer

5. iSkye Silverweb

6. Alice Klinger

7. Saii Hallard

8. Doc Gascoigne

9. Orange Planer

10. Lily Renierd

New non-group members:

1. Leyla Firefly

2. JB Hancroft

Meeting Review

Status of Phase 1 was covered.

Phase 2 was discussed and included ideas such as modifying the certification pages for compatibility with Viewer 2 as well as methods for making the certification wiki pages known to those who can use them.

Approximately 40 minutes in the meeting was interrupted by three individuals who would not hold off-topic questions until after the meeting. After several minutes of attempting to regain control of the meeting further activities were deemed unproductive and the meeting was adjourned.

The suggestions made will be further discussed with the group.

Note: rules on future meetings will be discussed.

If anyone wishes to read the entire hour's minutes, please let me know.