SL Certification - Meeting Minutes/2010-05-15

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15 May 2010 Minutes


Linden ownership

The group is currently under Linden ownership by Katrin and Lexie Linden. There have been discussions about whether the Lindens should be owners of the group since this is a resident-run project. Lexie and Katrin have discussed this issue among themselves and will inform us of a decision soon.

Group responsibilities

The prior version of the SL Certification wiki site emphasizes a need to help create education material. However, that is neither a core component of the mission of Sl Certification Developers, nor is it something we can directly control. Since every educational institution contacted has either been non-committal or can't find people to write the material, it seems prudent to simply focus on the exams and thus create market demand for classes coming from folks who want to get certified. Once educational institutions have a desire to create material we can help them, but we can't make them drink even if we bring them to the proverbial stream.

Next Steps

Finish work on whatever certification requirements are not finished yet - if they need updates for Viewer 2, include them.

Each moderator will begin work on creating exams, starting at whichever level they like.

If any moderator wishes to begin creating teaching materials, that's great, but it is _not_ required.

Create a booth at SL7B

Create a booth at the permanent solution provider exhibit

Continue speaking to various groups in Second Life regarding certification development and the coming examinations

Asked for volunteers to do translation of the SL Cert Dev wiki into other languages, Ju Roussel volunteered to begin work on translation into French.

Other Questions

There was concern mentioned about how quickly work should be completed; work shuld be completed as people have time, the emphasis is on steady progress on a weekly basis

There is no timeline for completion, but I'm hoping we can have at least one exam per certification finished by June; suggestion, write one question a day