SL Certification - Meeting Minutes/2010-06-19

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19 June 2010


What impact do the layoffs have on our work?

How do we get from certification requirements to exams?

Need to find three new moderators: Texturing, Land Management, and Machinima


First item was to add Kaine Lowenstark and Vickie Grenwood to the group.

What impact do the layoffs have on our work?

Companies will always need people to hire. LL, while not standing directly behind us, is still encouraging our work despite losing the people who were supporting it directly (Glenn Linden). There is a question regarding whether the loss of the Enterprise group at LL will reduce the number of possible employers. It comes down to whether people will still need to be certified in order to prove their worth and the answer to that is yes. The opinion of those attending the meeting is that the layoffs at Linden Lab do not affect the group’s goal of creating certifications.

There is a question regarding whether Linden Lab is supporting other groups that do certification. At least two groups are offering exams in scripting. Also, the group may not be taking into account the education industry and its requirements for skilled help.

Another issue that may mean a larger market is whether our certifications will also apply to open sim-powered grids. This would increase our market as the open sim-powered grids grow.

Those of us at the meeting concluded that the layoffs at Linden Lab might affect SL Certification Developers is, but probably not.

Note: nearly all the pages have been prepared for translation. If someone would like to take a stab at translating a few of the pages, please be our guest. As those pages are created I will request they be added to the list of flagged revision pages.

How do we get from certification requirements to exams?

A suggestion was made that we should approach educational groups and ask the teachers to assist us with creating the curricula/exams.

Orange mentioned that a professional exam writer explained to him that she needed the wiki pages written into a curriculum format: that is, what needs to be learned in a goal-oriented way. Once that was written then they could create an exam from it.

The good news here is that it looks like the wiki pages are already mostly in that format to it’s possible that with some assistance from the moderators someone or some peoples could pretty quickly rewrite a wiki page into curriculum format.

There was a few minutes to discuss what everyone’s interest in certification is as many people hadn’t been there before, plus we had a couple guests.

Texturing, Land Management, and Machinima

After announcing the fact that we needed help with this, two things happened. First, someone suggested there might be a need for a sculpty certification, and Toxic Menges volunteered to work on the Machinima certification. Vickie Greenwood is working on sculpt. So, we are down only two moderators: Land Management and Texturing.

If you happen to know someone who would be willing to take a look at it, please direct them to and let Orange Planer know who they are so that he might speak with them.