SL Certification - Meeting Minutes/2010-07-10

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10 July 2010


1. Collaboration between content creators

2. Deadlines for the next quarter

3. Discussion of a business plan to keep ourselves focused

4. Do we need someone in charge of accessibility?

5. We are appearing in the Virtual Times

Collaboration between content creators

The idea here is that there should be some meshing between skill sets, that is perhaps combinations of skillsets so people can work on subspecialty certifications. The problem with this is where we draw the line because all topics can be connected in one way or another. The issue here is whether people will be willing to train in other related subjects rather than just focus on certification in one area, particularly at the beginning level, although it might be done at the intermediate or advanced level. If we were building a school curriculum on Second Life skills then at the beginning level we are talking about exposure to all material. As people move up the ladder in classes then they can combine classes into different specializations, for example “region development.” The idea here is to have people who have some knowledge of other skill sets. One suggestion is for people taking the advanced exams be told that they’re being tested not only on their specialty but also on their knowledge of general areas of information. The exam would have general questions from four or five different topics. But this whole idea could just as well be discarded or shelved.

Deadlines for the next quarter

We discussed what our next step is and when we can get it done. The next step at the time was to create curriculae from which exams could be worked out. It was suggested that we approach real life educators in Second Life to get examples. However, no deadlines were set.

Discussion of a business plan to keep ourselves focused

A draft business plan was written and posted on Google Docs. Several people offered to examine it. Orange will send invitations to those people.

Do we need someone in charge of accessibility?

There has been a lot of questions on accessibility lately. Do we need someone in charge of accessibility, and how? iSkye asks whether we want someone to write a certification track or someone who will assist others with making sure their certification areas include material on accessible building? Two votes for a more assistive role, none for a certification, so that’s how we’ll proceed for now.

We are appearing in the Virtual Times

The Virtual Times approached me for an interview, which I granted. It appeared in the July 17 issue. A picture of a couple random members were taken for the article.