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Here the result of my first detailled analyse (viewer items & potential categories are not included, they will come later ^^).

The goal of this analyse is to define how keep the help portal usable and reduce the numbers of redundant items)

Following Zai's idea, I propose to merge the following pages. In few case, I propose to keep the Help templates (for example for vidtut and for some questions(with redirect forward the correct new page section)

I have choose to end all page with FAQ.

Groups FAQ

How to create animations Done

Appearance FAQ

Attachments FAQ

Camera FAQ

Chatting preferences FAQ

Chatting FAQ

Coalesced objects FAQ

How to link objects

Estate FAQ

Events FAQ

How high can I fly

Friends FAQ

Gestures FAQ

When and how to file an Abuse Report

How to remove title above my head

How to open a box

Inventory FAQ

Parcel FAQ

Parcel Media FAQ

Landmarks FAQ

LipSync FAQ

Machimina FAQ



Movements FAQ

How to mute another resident or object

Particles FAQ

Partnering FAQ

Permissions FAQ

Profil FAQ

Selling Buying and Renting lands FAQ

How to give stuff to someone



Slurl FAQ

Snapshots FAQ

SpaceNavigator FAQ

Streaming FAQ

Shopping FAQ

Voice FAQ

Sound configuration FAQ