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  • PROJECT CLOSED - Thank you!

Volunteer Translators:

Second Life residents who are applying for the Linden Prize need to submit their applications in English by January 15, 2009. Some residents may need assistance from volunteer Linguists.

  • If you are bilingual and willing to offer voluntary translations completed within 3 days of receiving and agreeing to the request, Please Sign Up Here to be added to the table of translators.
  • Applicants will contact you and send you a notecard with the information they need translated

1) Please be sure your name is on the card as the translator.

2) Please only translate the original text after the category name into English on the notecard.

3) Instant message and send the completed translation back to the resident within 3 days. Send a copy of the completed translation card to Lexie Linden.

Thank you for helping other Second Life residents!!

Applicants for the Linden Prize:

  • The following volunteer translators have offered optional help in translating your Linden Prize application into English. Please allow 3 days to receive your translated text. We cannot guarantee there will be a translator available to translate for you.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These translators are volunteers only and the translations offered are not given or verified for accuracy by Linden Lab.

What To Do:

1) Please IM a volunteer translator of your language and request assistance directly. If the translator agrees to assist you, send the text you need translated into English to the volunteer translator on an in world notecard.

2) Please do not include your real life information. Review all your text for any information you may want to keep private before you send the notecard. Only include the translator name, your Second Life name, the section title from the application and your text for translation.

Please Use This Text on Your Notecard:

  • Translator Name: (please fill this in)
  • Your Second Life Name: (your name here)
  • Project Name: (your text here)
  • Abstract / Summary: (your text here)
  • Full Description: (your text here)
  • Biography of Creator(s): (your text here)

Find a Translator:

Translator Name Language Date
Lara Shepherd German December 23, 2008
Gunter Gustav German December 23, 2008
Torben Trautman German December 23, 2008
Lore Lamont German December 23, 2008
Kaz Gunawan Spanish December 23, 2008
Aeri Hax Spanish December 25, 2008
Zai Lynch German December 25, 2008
Lisa Lowe Dutch December 23, 2008
Neovo Geesink Dutch December 29, 2008
Magda Magnolia Dutch December 30, 2008
Caitlin Tobias Dutch December 30, 2008
Anita61 Anatine Dutch December 30, 2008
Trebla Reve Dutch December 30, 2008
Daemon Hawkeye Dutch January 8, 2009
Yalina Questi Spanish December 26, 2008
Zaphiry Bonetto Spanish January 8, 2009
Des Plante Spanish December 30, 2008
Filipa Pippita Portuguese December 25, 2008
Tinka Willis Norwegian, Swedish, Danish December 23, 2008
Subby Boram Dutch January 8, 2009
Princess Niven Hungarian January 9, 2009
Translator Name Language Date
Jane2 McMahon French December 23, 2008
Aimee McBride French December 30, 2008
Malwina Dollinger Polish December 23, 2008
Ourasi Ferraris French December 23, 2008
Prokofy Neva Russian January 8, 2009
PC Pilote Brazilian Portuguese December 23, 2008
Tiamat Bingyi Brazilian Portuguese December 30, 2008
Samia Bechir French December 30, 2008
Livia Mastroianni Italian December 23, 2008
Michel Lemmon Italian January 1, 2009
Kaly Mayako French December 26, 2008
Kire Laasonen French December 26, 2008
Phylire Coppola French December 26, 2008
Iceman Arkin French December 29, 2008
Sixtine Karmin French December 29, 2008
Anna Marquette Polish December 28, 2008
Kuba Little Polish December 28, 2008
Sergen Davies Italian December 29, 2008
Biancaluce Robbiani Italian December 29, 2008
Frederic Prevost Japanese January 8, 2009