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The Second Life Transport Network

The land creation team sets aside "road" parcels in many new Mainland regions; it's the duty of the LDPW to add content to those parcels. Not only roads: walking trails, railways, monorails, bridges, ferryboats, sailing routes, etc.


(Image source, SL freely distributed map, NCI/Carl Metropolitan 2009)

The following directory contains route maps and lists of rez zones arranged and divided by continent for ease of reference and exploration.


The original core SL "Mainland" continent, also incorporating the Snowlands, improvements are now being made to these historic roads. New routes will be described here as they are added.

Sansara Network


This continent, commonly known as Atoll, connects with Sansara and has seen intensive roadbuilding activity, meshing in with the SLRR

Heterocera Network


An extensive network of roads skirts the exterior of this continent with numerous inland roads completing the network

Jeogeot Network


The 'Japanese' Continent, also know as Maebaleia

Satori Network


Not to be confused with the nearby island city of Nautilus which rose from the sea, this is a continent lying to the north of Satori

Nautilus Network


This continent lies further to the north of Nautilus

Corsica Network

Gaeta V

A small continent to the east of Corsica

Gaeta V Network

Gaeta I

A small incomplete continent to the north of Corsica

Gaeta I Network


The "Adult" Continent

Zindra Network

TSL continent

The landmass imported from TSL, now known as Sharp Continent, situated to the south east of Satori, which has recently undergone a major overhaul of it's highway system.

TSL Network

Premium Continents

These are 4 continents that host the premium homes.

Premium Continents Network

Private Continents

Private Continents Network

Road efficiency

The following is a classification of all continents, based on infrastructure efficiency index. This index is a number calculated on the following factors: length of road/railway network, types of roads (highway, classic, path, off-road), types of railway (classic, special, tram) reported to continent size, restrictions (script, object entry), presence of automated transportation, sea access and network fragmentation. The index was inserted by Second Life Geography team and not by Linden Lab, so it is not something official. The reason for this index is to prove the strong link between infrastructure and population density.

Mainland continents:

Heterocera:            3.920
Sharp Continent:       2.005
Zindra:                1.365
Jeogeot:               1.239
Sansara:               0.896
Gaeta 5:               0.481
Satori:                0.415
Nautilus:              0.332
Corsica:               0.382
Gaeta 1:               0.202
Premium East:          0.170
Premium South 2:       0.148
Premium South 3:       0.147
Premium South 1:       0.008

Private continents:

Shopping Continent:    11.60
Estate Continent:      4.198
Caledon - Winterfel:   3.894
Mar Lesbiana:          2.456
Blake Sea:             1.530
IGBC Continent:        0.149
  • For Eden, Europe, Fairchang, Seductive and Uhre, road efficiency index is 0 or almost 0.
  • Wild West has very short and unconnected roads (trails and paths), but access is possible almost over any parcel. Based on this, road efficiency index was fixed at round value of 3.000, even if, based on its roads, it should be below 1.

For more information about the continents and links to each continent's page, as they were in spring 2014, check List Of Continents or the main Geographic page, Second Life Geography.

For Waterways, see Waterway Efficiency Index. Also, for railways, see Railway efficiency index.

Other Internal Links:

Route Problem Guide

External Links:

The following links are to maps updated regularly on behalf of the Protected Route Interest Group. All maps are open source and permission to edit and re-distribute is granted, on the condition that they are distributed free thereafter. The sources for these maps are archive wiki pages (Linden_Department_of_Public_Works_Roads), route parcel names, the LDPW blog, support tickets and information gathered from the LDPW open office meetings.

Sansara Map

Heterocera Atoll Map

Jeogeot Map

Satori Map (amended Linden/Mole map)

Nautilus Map

Corsica Map

Zindra Map

TSL Network Map

Snowlands Map (details the off-road routes around Snowlands on Sansara)

No further amendments were required for the Gaeta V map. The P.R.I.G. sends updated versions in-world when available, the above sub-domains are always current. Further information available at