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Second Norway and the largest airport

Air transportation is important for long distance. However, since teleporting is the most used way to travel, air transportation is more a hobby, a pleasure or a passion. Just like road, railway or sea transportation, 3 things are required: a vehicle (airplane, helicopter or a baloon), a place to rezz it (an airport, heliport or something improved for this purpose) and a route (air route). There is one major exception from this rule: Many residents visit various places without an airplane, by just flying, with or without wings.

Airports and related places

For small vehicles like a balloon or a helicopter, a rezz zone can be small: a road, rail or boat rezz zone is large enough. Many residents can rezz these vehicles at their own home. The following list includes all airports 'Second Life Geography' team found on the grid. Some of them are Protected Land, while some are private land, with a friendly owner that allows you to rezz a plane. There still are some airports created only for the owner (where vehicles cannot be rezzed) or created just for decorative or roleplay reasons.

NOTE: For the most up to date information on current airports in Second Life, please check out the Shergood Aviation Radar.


Blake Sea

  • Hollywood Airport (Santa Catalina sim)
  • Second Norway Lufthavn (Airport SNO sim) is the largest airport on the whole grid

Caledon - Winterfel

  • Airbase Iron Cloud (Caledon Middlsea sim)


  • Baitoushan Intercontinental Airport (Baitoushan sim)
  • Clearmont Airport (Bottenford sim)
  • Skynx One Tree Hill Airport (Skynx sim)

Gaeta 5

  • Waypoint Airport (Clemence sim)


  • AirPort Rezz Area (Pigra sim)
  • Dilboa Recreation Area (Dilboa sim)
  • Hinamizawa Airport (Oculea sim)
  • Lapara Airport (Lapara)
  • Pie Island Marina & Airport (Euryalus sim)
  • Pini Rail Yard (Pini sim), not official, but enough space for an airplane
  • Shingo (Alleni sim)
  • The Unknown Theme Park (Moneta sim)

IGBC Continent

  • Gay Airport (IGBC Rehoboth Airport sim)


  • Jeogeot Airport (Tarington sim)


  • Antilaghi Regional Airport (Antilaghi sim)
  • Clearmont International Airport (Steingrim sim)
  • Didake & Serenity (Liftstaen), not looking quite like an airport
  • DMC Airport & Airfield (Hento Nine)
  • Hotel Birdiana (Mulkahi)
  • Slapdoogle Airport (Slapdoogle sim)
  • SLGR Grenadier Marina & Airport (Grenadier sim)
  • Spirit Marina & Airfield (Tails sim)
  • Tag City Airport (Velinissimo sim)

Premium South 3

  • Orville Airport (Orville sim), premium access only


  • Aztral's Airport & Spaceport (Hibdon sim)
  • Bay City Municipal Airport (Hau Koda sim)
  • East River Municipal Airport (Munck sim)
  • Poppyport Airport (Inari sim)


  • Aushertus (Aushertus sim)
  • Blake Sea Airports (St Diabloux) even if name says 'Blake Sea', it is still in Satori
  • Cloud Dancer Airfield & Seaplane (Slithert sim)
  • Gorlanova Airport (Gorlanova sim)
  • Micros (Toroge), micro avatars air base
  • New Horizons Airport (Allalinhorn)
  • New Horisons Airport (Alphubel)
  • Snug Harbour Airport & Marina (Vainemoren)
  • Talakin Airport (Talakin sim)
  • Tegatti Engeneering &co boatyard (Talakin sim), includes water airplanes
  • USS Nimitz (Terric sim), ship airport
  • X-Dynamics Airport (Klein sim)


  • Banger Air (Troevid sim)

Other Places

Austria Microcontinent

  • VTOL Mainstore Flughafen (Wiener Neustadt sim)

Yumix Microcontinent

  • Yumix Airport (Yumix Airport sim)
  • Japan Airport (Yumix Ocean sim)
  • Yumix Airplane Square (Yumix Canal sim)

North Megacluster

  • Tiera Del Fuego (Tiera Del Fuego sim)

A025 Sim Cluster

  • Airport Biker Outlet (Sundown)

A095 Sim Cluster

  • Japan Sim Aya (Japan sim)

Phoenix Sim Cluster

  • Flywalker Aviation Outfitters (Phoenix Unlimited sim)

A102 Sim Cluster

  • Flight Airport (Flight sim)

Undine - WWII Microcontinent

  • Olds AFB (Undine State sim), air roleplay
  • Olds AFB (Undine West sim), air ropeplay
  • Olds AFB (Undine Shore) - Soviet Base
  • Olds AFB (Undine North), air roleplay
  • WWII (WWII Central) - under construction

A120 Sim Cluster

  • Tendra (Tendra sim)

A146 Sim Cluster

  • KEBG Airport (Tease sim)

Prosperity Microcontinent

  • Prosperity Airport (Prosperity Airport sim)

West Sansara Sim Cluster

  • Airports & Nude Beach Club(Dreamers dAlliez sim)

Estate Sim Cluster

  • WarBug Headquaters (Black Forest sim)

Unassociated Sims

  • Aero Pines Park Airport (Horses sim)
  • Airport Sea Plane Dock (Waters Of Mormon sim)
  • Alabama Sunshine (Alabama Sunshine sim)
  • Dominion Proving Grounds (Jaguar) - abandoned airport
  • Ghetto (Erotica sim)
  • Heliport (Grimes Central), sim position could not be determined
  • Reykja (Grimle Valley)
  • Salon De Provence (BA 701)
  • Sueland Airport (Talunaland sim)

This list is updated in January 30th 2014. Other airports might still exist.

Air Routes

Unlike cars and trains, air vehicles can fly to almost avery direction. Also, unlike real planes, SL air vehicles have two major problems: First, they cannot fly accross the intersim void and second, they cannot enter Land With Restricted Access. To avoid these two main problems, many pilots follow maps.

For continents (both Linden-owned and private-owned), there is Protected Land, that includes roads, railways and waterways. Sometimes, protected land might include parks and paths between parcels. Protected airways are in fact protected ground ways. One problem is that in some places, like Premium Continents, majority of parks have script restrictions, that can seriously affect a flying machine. For the Linden-owned continents (mainland), parcels of Abandoned Land can be used as an alternative way for air vehicles.

Very interesting is the fact that 28 airports are outside the continents, while 43 are inside continents. Flying in a Microcontinent is limited due to its size, but flying in a single sim (like in a Sim Cluster or in the Unassociated Sims) is something more simbolic. Even so, it shows that many residents have a great enthusiasm for flying machines.

Other Resources

There are a few materials available for continents:

These links include maps and descriptions of the airport locations. They show airports that 'Second Life Geography' team did not find, but there are also airports we found and are not on their maps.

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