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The holder of a SL Certification has demonstrated compentency in the basic SL User Interface, SL Permissions

This certification exam would consist of objective questions such as true/false or multiple choice, and of simulated labs for examining a candidate's expertise. For this reason, it is essential that those aspiring for SL Scripting Certification should have sufficient hands-on experience. The majority of questions will require the writing of scripts.

(If you are looking for information actually on scripting, see here: Scripts.)


Core Scripting Certifications

Core:Basic Scripting Certification

Required for: Advanced Certifications, Intermediate Certifications and Core:Intermediate Scripting Certification.

Core:Intermediate Scripting Certification

Requirements: Core:Basic Scripting Certification
Required for: Advanced Certifications

Intermediate Scripting Certifications

Requirements: Core:Basic Scripting Certification

Land & Media Management


  • Land based Audio & Video
  • Terraforming
  • Access/Ban Lists



  • HUD
  • Body

Physical and Non-Physical Movement


  • Physics
    • Methods
    • Events
  • Non-Physics
    • Objects
    • Linked Prims
  • Caveats

Detection & Sensing


Advanced Scripting Certifications

Requirements: Core:Intermediate Scripting Certification

Advanced Particle Systems


  • Flags
    • Behaviors
    • Targets
  • Appearance
    • Effects
    • Texture
    • Patterns
    • Presentation
  • Params
    • Flow
    • Motion
  • List Handling
    • Memories Efficiency
    • Enable/Disable Calls

Applied Quaternion Mathematics


  • Positional and Rotation Object Animation
    • Gobal Positonal & Rotation
    • Local Positonal & Rotation
    • Linkset/Attachment/SitTarget Positonal & Rotation

Agent Interaction/UI


  • Chat Interfaces
  • Touch based UI
  • Dialog UI
  • Notecard Config


Requires: Physical and Non-Physical Movement

  • Axis Points (Linear/Angular)
    • Motors
    • Friction
    • Deflection
  • Effects
    • Hover
    • Vertical Attraction
    • Buoyancy
    • Banking
  • Flags
    • Mouselook
    • Water/Air
    • Motor
  • Params
    • Reference Frame
    • Motor Offset
  • Controls
    • Mouselook
    • Camera
    • Touch
    • Keys/Agents
  • Condition
    • Physic
    • Ground/Water
    • Collision
    • Position/Rotation Range
    • Script Runtime Score (lag)
  • Caveats
    • Max Speed
    • Bounding Box
    • Simulator's Limit
    • Prim Count

Database Scripting

Requires: Data Management

  • System
    • Storing
    • Sort Ordering
    • Memories Efficiency
    • Networking System
    • Fail-Proof Errors
  • Protection
    • Backup System
    • Hack-Free Methods
  • Speed
    • Networking Method
    • Client Types
    • Location & Keys
    • List Efficiency
  • Data Connections
    • List Array Calls
    • Emails
    • XML-RPC
    • HTTP
    • Channels
    • Prim Object's Data/Info

Test Scoring

Proposal A

This complex scoring system allows for sections to be tailored so that less important sections have less impact on the score without upsetting the balance of points.

  • Each section is scored separately.
  • Each question will be worth x number of points.
  • Each section would have a set number of points that could count towards the total.
    • A hypothetical section may contain 20 points worth of questions of which only 15 would be counted.
    • This would allow for the user to get a certain number of questions wrong in a section without it affecting the score.
  • The section scores would be totalled and then a pass/fail would be determined based on some set number of points that could be missed.
    • The total section usable points may add up to something like 200 but the user would only need something like 190 to pass.