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About me

I rezzed 6323 days ago and hit one of the old Orientation Islands for German residents, like the sims Goethe or Hesse. In the beginning of my Second Life, I was quite lost. It took me some days to make friends who helped me to find my way. But I got to add that the waiting and searching was worth it, 'cause I found some of the greatest and most polite people around.

One of them, Lum Pfohl, got an awesome and very helpful page around the corner. Furthermore, she was the one who pushed me to become a volunteer. Thank you!! On January 10th 2008, I was accepted to become an apprentice Mentor, visited the initial orientation session the same day and been moved to the Mentors group one day after. By now, I'm in the Linguist, Scribe, Coach, Buddy and Apprentice Buddy role, so feel free to drop me an IM any time, if you got a concern where I might help you with. If I'm not responding, I'm afk :-P
My favourite mentoring places are the Orientation Islands, where naked ruthed newbies are popping up all the time and got no idea how to change their hair. It's so much fun to answer questions out there or guide them through their first steps and see 'em find their way.

Me and my teddy
If I'm not trying to help new residents, I'm most probably foolin' around with Lum, Kaname (*pokes*), Trin, Woo, Jen, Fizz, Kuraiko (*purrs* ^^), Jayme (miss ya...), (...), or some of the crazy and lovely Mentors like Shiva, Asri, Bacu (it's gettin geeky in here...), Nava, (...). I met so many great people in SL that it's actually quite difficult to mention just a few so plz don't nail me on this digest. I luv ya all!

I'm a collector of Linden Teddys and got my first one from Sidewinder who almost knocked me down with a fast red car while he was testing a new client and while I was searching for Enus hidden Teddy in Linden Village. I read in Mia's profile that she would love to trade her teddy for a resident one, so I started to reactivate my building skills disabilitys and made my Zai Teddy. As you can see in the picture, he loves the Free Hugs Campaign as much as I do. You never heard of the Free Hugs Campaign? Oh my... Have a look at the awesome YouTube video and you'll be moved to tears. At least that's what I'm feelin' every time I watch it and I watched it many times!

As a Minesweeper addict, I'm ceaselessly trying to break CG Lindens highscore in front of his home in Linden Village. Moreover, I'm a fan of old fashioned board- and computergames adopted in SL like Chess or SLtris and such. Have a look at the Avatarum and play a Mastermind competition with Gal, who owns the place and created the game!

While I'm speaking of places: I L O V E all this sightseeing stuff in SL. Like the Rezzable Sims (Greenies Home, The Black Swan or the Collectors Gallery), science related places (The International Spaceflight Museum or The Splo) and many more. Have a look at sightseeings subpage in my quicklinks for some hints. Additionally, there are great concerts going on. And everyone should watch a show of the virtual band called U2 in SL at least once!

Jen was so generous to furnish a little place for me on her land where I stored some freebies. Have a look at Stadtrand and make sure to explore the area around!

That's it for now. You read it all? Wowy...

Apprentice Mentor Shadowing

In case you are an Apprentice Mentor searching for an Apprentice Buddy to shadow you, please have a look at the Buddy Center in SLVEC, in the Category:Apprentice Buddies and at Apprentice Buddy Availability.
You want to shadow meeeee? Oh my, you're sure you wanna do that? :-P

OK, so my voucher criteria are very simple:

These are my criteria since it's what we expect from you once you became a mentor. It's nothing less and nothing more =)

Newbie clueless.jpg
And here is what my shadowing sessions look like:

The Clueless Newbie

It is basically a roleplaying game. I will TP you to the Volunteers OI next to SLVEC, being dressed like the girl next door and pretending to be the helpless and confused newbie (who I'm still at times, so it's not that much of pretending *coughs*). Now it's your task to guide me through my difficulties. These are all basic newbie questions. No knowledge about advanced (or even basic) building or scripting required, no difficult land problems or all that stuff. We'll try to simulate an every day experience you'll have by mentoring at an Orientation Island. Don't be afraid. I'm not trying to show you up. My goal is it to make you realize what you know and what you don't know and to provide tipps on how to improve your mentoring. So we'll analyze the roleplaying afterwards, trying to figure out where we can tweak to enhance the new residents experience with you as a Mentor.
If you would like to prepare yourself prior the shadowing, please have a look at my Mentoring 101.

A - Z shadowing.png

A to Z Shadowing

I'm really excited about this one =)
It's a shadowing session with my dear friend Asri, where we'll try to be shadowed by up to 3 Apprentice Mentors at a time. Some weird and crazy group experience which hopefully might be entertaining, inspirational, educational and a lil chaotic as well. These will only take place in case we both got time for it so scheduling is a lil difficult. We might just send a notice in the Apprentice Mentor group chat and announce it spontanously. But in case you are a bunch of friends already and would like to do your shadowing together, just write to one of us and provide some dates where you would be all available. We're not yet sure how this session will look like but will let you know while scheduling :-P

Waaaahhhh Wiki?!

Uh oh... please calm down ^^
The Wiki might look like a riddle wrapped up in an enigma when you're unexperienced with this kind of stuff but it's really not that bad if you give it a chance. So if you'd like to create a new userpage for example, please have a look at the wonderful Quickie Wiki Intro written by Lum Pfohl. Furthermore, you'll find a neat documentation of Wiki syntax at the Mediawiki Help Pages and even one of Torley's awesome Video Turorials features the Wiki. In case you really don't like Wikis and just want to create a userpage (or any other article) and rush out again as fast as possible, there are still Mentor Scribes who would love to help you. And guess what? I'm a Scribe. So just drop me all the content you would like to see displayed at your page and I will wikify it for you. So what are you waiting for?


The Public JIRA, PJIRA or just JIRA is Second Life's public issue tracker where you might report bugs or suggest new features. Residents can vote on requests and thereby increase the chance that it comes to the awareness of Linden Lab's coders. I'd like to use this section to advertise JIRA requests which I consider worth voting for. These are:


  1. WEB-602 - Clicking the watch button in the Wiki does not add an article to the watchlist in case javascript is enabled.


  1. VWR-4204 - Clicking on names in chat/group IM history should open profile page or IM
  2. VWR-1080 - Span-cleavage slider for shirt and jacket layer definitions (and pants)
  3. VWR-2222 - All animations (even no-modify ones) should be usable in gestures
  4. WEB-590 - A plugin so the Wiki could embed external RSS-Feeds
  5. VWR-890 - Add ability to sort Friends list into different categories
  6. WEB-456 - Enable interwiki linking
  7. WEB-437 - secondlife:///app/ URL parsing in the Wiki
  8. SVC-574 - Provide Face XY Coordinates for Touch on Object.
  9. SVC-215 - llRequestAgentKey (llName2Key)
  10. MISC-67 - New Feature -> Dialog -> Group Information -> Ban List

How can I vote?

If you're on one of the JIRA pages mentioned above, you'll see a sidebar on the left with "If you were logged in you would be able to see more operations." written on. Click logged in and enter your Second Life name and password. The sidebar will display new features now. One of them says: "You have not voted for this issue. Vote for it if you wish it to be fixed". This is where you can place your vote.

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