Tropical Beach Paradise

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Tropical beach paradise

Tropical Beach Paradise is a term that defines a place with islands, sea, beaches with sand, palm trees and adequate buildings. Since these features are found in many places along the grid and many sims are themed in this way, a special article is required.


About 20% of all private-owned sims are tropical beach paradise. This means that 4000 tropical sims are out there, more then half of all Linden-owned land. At such a number, they are very important for any Geographic study.

Mainland: Tropical beach paradises are rare throughout mainland. They are found along the coasts of Gaeta 1, Gaeta 5, Nautilus and very limited around other continents. In many places, ground texture around the coast does not resemble sand.

Private continents: From the private owned continents, Blake Sea, Eden, Fairchang, Bonaire, Mar Lesbiana, Seductive and largest part of Estate Continent are made of tropical beach paradise, while Caledon - Winterfel, Europe Continent, Shopping Continent, Uhre Continent and Wild West are not tropical beach themed. So, 6 continents (and largest part of the 7th) can be included in this category, while 5 cannot.

Private Subcontinents: Seychelles, a new Subcontinent of Nautilus, is a tropical beach paradise. The Islanders, two subcontinents attached to East Sansara, can be included in this category almost entirely.

Microcontinents and sim clusters: A vast number of sims inside microcontinents and sim clusters can be included in this category. About 30% of all sims included in this category offer a tropical beach paradise. Entire estates are themed on this and offer a lot of islands for sale or for rent. Check out List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters for more info.

Isolated and unassociated sims: Throughout the Unassociated Sims, percent of tropical beach paradises is much lower, about 10%. The reason for this is not known. Usually, they offer the most unusual and unconventional places.


Altitude is always or almost always found to be low. In majority of cases, it is less then a meter above sea level. Water is found to have various depths, depending on place. Water is usually deep at some distance from shores, to allow sailing. Land is made of small or large islands. Usually, each island is an independent parcel. Some estates also offer the submerged land surrounding an island for sale, while others use that water to separate parcels or as navigation routes.

Majority of tropical beach islands are covered with sand, but sometimes, they might host some higher places, covered with grass. More rare are those islands covered only with grass, but where vegetation and buildings are all beach-themed.

An interesting fact is that some estates offer rectangular islands. The best example is Estate Continent.

In some places, there are surfable waves. Animated water also exists and it splashes with the coast.

Vegetation and animals

As expected, vegetation is tropical, with palm trees and other related plants. Inside water, a scuba diver might find algae and other water plants. Many seas also have fish, from little ones to whales and sharks.

Land destination

Tropical beach paradise is used for many purposes. It is a highly demanded type of residential land, but not only.

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