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||[[User:Beet Streeter|Beet Streeter]]
||[[User:Beet Streeter|Beet Streeter]]
||Spawns up to 10 objects when the object containing the script collides with a user.
||Spawns up to 10 objects when the object containing the script collides with a user.
||[[Name2Key in LSL]]
||[[User:Maeva Anatine|Maeva Anatine]]
||Get the Name2Key feature inside your scripts. Works even on lastly subscribed avatars.
||[[Object to Data v1.2|Object to Data]]
||[[Object to Data v1.2|Object to Data]]

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Script Library

Come to this page to see complex examples that show how to combine parts of LSL.

Go to the LSL Examples page to see brief examples of how to use parts of LSL

Why collect complex examples here? Well, ...

There are many scripts that have become buried in the Scripting Library forum, were lost with the death of the scripting forums, or sit idle in inventories that could be useful and should be more accessible.

Other scripters may be in the same situation. This wiki is a well-suited medium for a script library. Feel free to add your scripts to the script library by creating new pages for them and linking to those pages here.

Note that there are many more scripts in the LSL Library here, but you can't get to them if you don't know they exist, because they are subpages now, instead of an automatically updated category. Good luck searching.

Rules for posting:

  1. Your script must be tested and working. If it's not, stick it in your user-space until it is. This is a list of working, usable scripts.
  2. Add a link to your script's page here. Link back to this page from your script's page. Start your page with {{LSL Header}}.
  3. Do not add scripts that duplicate the same functionality as an existing script or built in function. If yours does, explain why.
  4. Do not list simple scripts here. Include those among the LSL Examples instead.

LSL Script Library

Name Creator Description
3D Radar Jesse Barnett Rezzes a ball for each avatar in range. Each ball tracks it's own AV and displays distance.
AntiDelay Node Xaviar Czervik Uses llMessageLinked to stop those pesky delays.
AO Overriding Pose Ball Jesse Barnett No more turning your AO off and on when you sit down
ARCFOUR Strong Encryption Implementation Nekow42 Zarf An LSL implementation of ARCFOUR, the most popular stream cipher still in use. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
Basic Encryption Modules Beverly Larkin Basic encryption scripts, allows you to encrypt a float and shout it to another prim on a randomly chosen channel.
Binary Clock Fox Diller A Binary Clock.
Builder's Buddy Tool Newfie Pendragon Script to easily move/rotate large builds that exceed the linkable size limit (30 meters).
Camera Sync Meyermagic Salome and Nomad Padar A system to synchronize the cameras of two avatars.
Chatbot Anonymous Compile and run the LSL you type on a channel, faster than you can thru the 2007-08 SL GUI.
Chat Logger (GPL) Nobody Fugazi Chat logger which requests permission from participants before recording them.
Chat Relay grumble Loudon A Chat relay which can be routed using a path header and won't echo.
Code Racer Anonymous Race two versions of code forever, to see which runs faster.
Code Sizer Anonymous Count the bytes compiled from source code, to measure how to write small code.
Color Conversion Sally LaSalle Convert between Red Green Blue (RGB) and Hue Saturation Value (HSV).
Combined Library Strife Onizuka Library of mostly encoding and decoding functions, some more useful then others.
  • String functions: Replace / Trim right / Trim left / Trim both
  • Unicode conversion: UTF8 to Unicode / Unicode to UTF8
  • List functions: Replace / Compare
Computer:jaycoonlanguage jayco121 Bing A language written in LSL that is meant for my computer (available at the shop).
Conversation Relay Jippen Faddoul Chat relay which requests permission from participants before relaying their messages. Also includes their attachments. (ToS compliant).
Curtain script Zilla Larsson A simple script to retract/stretch curtains, blinds, bedcovers and more
Dataserver API Revolution Perenti Dataserver Framework for Notecards.
Date Library Corto Maltese Date library, based on number of day since march 3rd 1600, can be used to calculate weekday, date differences, and date offset, and date formating.
Day of the Week DoteDote Edison Function to get day of the week from llGetUnixTime.
Deed Tools Falados Kapuskas Tools that allow the creator to modify Group-Owned (Deeded) Objects via chat.
Describe Chatter Anonymous Chat to see yourself as others do.
Dialog Control Nargus Asturias A (not-so) simple dialog control script. Call dialog and receive selected value via link_message(), with built-in timer and link_message() notification on time out. Supports multi-pages dialog and numeric property dialog. Button text and dialog's returned value can differ.
Dialog Menus Control Nargus Asturias An extension to Nargus Dialog Control. This menus control allow multi-level menus through SL dialog system. It can also recall last used menus. Menus are saved and pre-formatted for faster access. Though it is not the fastest, nor most memory efficient, but it should make it easier to use.
Dialog Number Pad DoteDote Edison Use a dialog to accept positive integer input from users.
Efficiency Tester Xaviar Czervik Tests the speed of a function.
Email2IM DoteDote Edison Send IMs to SL friends via email (translate emails from friends into IMs).
Fix_Small_Prims Emma Nowhere Finds and adjusts the smallest prims in a linkset so that it can be scaled down further.
Float2Hex Strife Onizuka Very useful for transporting floats.
Follower Unknown, uploaded by Slik Swindlehurst Makes an object follow the nearest person. Do not use for griefing.
Geometric Library Nexii Malthus A substantial amount of various geometric functions for intersection and other purposes of 3D maths.
GetTimestampOffset Siann Beck Returns llGetTimestamp() with an hour offset.
Give InvItem every n hours Criz Collins Will give an inventory item on touch only every n hours, even if somebody touches the object more than once.
Google Charts Dedric Mauriac Create links to display raw data as a chart image.
Group Privacy Chance Unknown Security device to insure members of a group can have a private area. Deactivates when nobody present.
Hello Avatar Linden Lab SL's default script.
High Altitude Rezzer Jesse Barnett Vehicle that goes straight up and then rezzes objects up to 4,096 meters.
Holodeck Revolution Perenti Home Rezzing System (Open Source).
Intra-Region Update Server Emma Nowhere Centrally update objects such as Freeview screens or teleport pads within a region that are configured by notecards or contain modifiable objects or media assets.
Interpolation Library Nexii Malthus A small set of interpolation functions.
Inventory Menu Revolution Perenti Inventory Based Menu System.
iTunes RPC Fox Diller iTunes RPC via LSL llEmail and llRemoteDataReply.
Keypad Door Tdub Dowler Door and keypad with changeable code. Follow instructions carefully!
LSL_languageAPI Gypsy Paz Multi-lingual API from notecard based language files
Last Sound System Babbage Linden An LSL Last.fm client.
Mandelbrot Explorer Babbage Linden An interactive fractal explorer.
Merge Sort Xaviar Czervik Implements a Merge Sort in LSL, however this code is 300(ish) times slower than llListSort. Don't use this in a script!
Minesweeper Xaviar Czervik A simple minesweeper game.
Multirezzer (on collision) Beet Streeter Spawns up to 10 objects when the object containing the script collides with a user.
Name2Key in LSL Maeva Anatine Get the Name2Key feature inside your scripts. Works even on lastly subscribed avatars.
Object to Data Xaviar Czervik Turns an object into text (and back). Allows people to transfer objects through notecards.
ParseString2List Strife Onizuka Same as llParseString2List and llParseStringKeepNulls, but not limited to 8 spacers or separators. Thus substitute a call to the llParseString2List and llParseStringKeepNulls functions by a call to ParseString2List whenever you have more than 8 separators or more than 8 spacers.
Pathfinder Babbage Linden A potential field based pathfinding library.
Phantom Maker Xaviar Czervik An object that turns avatars into phantoms, without having to remain sitting.
Prefix Calculator Xaviar Czervik A calculator that evaluates expressions in prefix notation.

+ 3 4 = 5. * + 1 2 + 3 4 = 14.

Pseudo-random Number Generator Xaviar Czervik Generates a Pseudo-random number between -0x7FFFFFFF and 0x7FFFFFFF
Random AV Profile Projector Debbie Trilling Randomly selects an AV from a crowd & then projects their profile picture as a 'holographic' image
Region Frames Per Second Heymariou Mystakidou Says the region name and frames per second out loud on command.
Script Override Functions Revolution Perenti bypass default strings, integer etc in chat channel.
Self Upgrading Script Enhanced Cron Stardust Keeps only latest version of the script on prim (even with multiple adds of the same script!)
SHA1 Hash Xaviar Czervik Preforms a SHA1 Hash on an input text. Similar to MD5 only (slightly) more secure.
SLateIt Babbage Linden An augmented virtual reality HUD.
SLetanque Babbage Linden An LSL petanque game.
SL Mail V1.2 Flennan Roffo Second Life mail client V1.2 (released sept'07). Send and receive mail from within Second Life from and to any address. With Address Book function and many chat commands. V1.3 is upcoming soon!
SL NTPoHTTP client SignpostMarv Martin Second Life Needs Time Parsing over Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Emulates the function of llGetWallclock for any timezone by using SLOpenID's SLNTPoHTTP service. Also supports ISO 8601 and RFC 2822 timestamps. Script is dependent upon an external service operated by the author!

Spiral Staircase Generator Meyermagic Salome Generates nice looking spiral staircases without much hassle.
String Compare Xaviar Czervik Compares two strings and reliably returns either 1, -1, or 0 if they are the same.
Teleport HUD Jesse Barnett WORKS TO 4096 METERS!! Very user friendly teleport HUD. Add destinations by touching "Add" & naming destination in chat. Automatically gets sim name and coordinates. Will only display the destinations in the sim you are currently in. Demonstrates more advanced list manipulation and stride functions.
Texture Management Revolution Perenti Dialog Menu based Texture Selection.
Tic Tac Toe CG Linden Step by step demo on how to implement a larger scripting project
TightList Revolution Perenti Tight List is a family of functions for encoding lists as strings and then decoding them back into lists.

There are two flavors: TightList and TightListType. TightListType preserves types and uses a 6 char header, while TightList uses a 1 char header that doesn't preserve type.

Timer Module Isabelle Aquitaine Manage multiple timers via linked messages.
Unix2DateTime Flennan Roffo Conversion from Unix time (llGetUnixTime()) to date and time string and vice versa.
Under Age Boot Chance Unknown Security device example to teleport home accounts below a minimum age limit; can be useful in combating free griefer accounts.
Visitor Logger (Web/Basic) Buddy Sprocket A very basic visitor logger - log visitors in SL to a text file on your web-site.
Vote Simple JB Kraft Simple vote collector. One avi, one vote.
WarpPos Keknehv Psaltery Non-physical movement without the 10m limit.
XTEA Strong Encryption Implementation Morse Dillon An LSL implementation of XTEA (eXtended Tiny Encryption Algorithm). This is the first known public release of a 'real' strong encryption implementation in LSL and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
XyText Xylor Baysklef Display text (up to 10 characters) on a prim. Use as many prims as desired.
XyyyyzText Criz Collins Display text (up to 10 characters) on a prim. Displays different text for each line instead of one single text, that will be broken into the next lines. Watch here for what that means: http://screencast.com/t/1wMLujLcEO
XyzzyText Thraxis Epsilon and Gigs Taggart Display text (up to 10 characters) on a prim. Way more efficient than XyText.
Zero Lag Poseball Jippen Faddoul A simple poseball with no lag

Support Script Library

These are scripts in other languages, intended to be run on other systems that support scripts written in LSL

Name Creator Description
HTTP Post request to a PHP server Corto Maltese This small library allows you to make simple POST requests to your website. The libraries allow you to get your request through the variable $_POST on the server. It also include a basic security mechanism aimed to stop hacking. Comprises of LSL client script and PHP server script.
Silo Zero Linden General purpose data store in PHP. Use this to persist arbitrary data from LSL via llHTTPRequest. See:
llXorBase64StringsCorrect SignpostMarv Martin An implementation of llXorBase64StringsCorrect in PHP- should be useful if you're using llXorBase64StringsCorrect to do cryptography work in LSL2 and posting it out to the web via llHTTPRequest.
lsl_fu.php SignpostMarv Martin A basic OOP'd PHP Class containing VeloxSeverine's $_POST fixer and Marv's own eccentric ideas for "fixing" things.

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