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KBcaution.png Important: This listing is for the Second Life Viewer 3.8.0 (plus Oculus and Experience Tools). Other viewers will have different menu layouts, and similar menu items on other viewers may do different things.


  • Appearance... choose and edit avatar wearables.
  • Choose an avatar... wear starter outfits from the library.

  • Camera Controls...
  • Movement
    • Sit Down Alt+Shift ⇧+S sit your avatar here, no prim required. Helps keep your avatar from being pushed around.
    • Fly Home start or stop flying.
    • Stop flying Home
    • Always Run Ctrl+R
    • Stop Animating Me stop scripted animations and cancel animate permission to nearby objects.
    • Walk / run / fly... open the movement controls floater.
  • Status
    • Away add an "Away" notice over your name tag.
    • Do Not Disturb add a "Do Not Disturb" notice over your name tag, suppress interruptions from chat and IM, and send automatic busy notices to avatars who IM you. (formerly "busy mode")

  • Exit Second Life Ctrl+Q close the viewer.


  • Do Not Disturb add a "Do Not Disturb" notice over your name tag, suppress interruptions from chat and IM, and send automatic busy notices to avatars who IM you. (formerly "busy mode")


  • Snapshot Ctrl+Shift ⇧+S screen capture.

  • Show
    • Ban Lines show yellow "no entry" and green "pay to enter" fences.
    • Beacons Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+N find objects by general properties.
    • Property Lines Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+P show parcel borders along the ground. Colors are the same as for Show Land Owners, double lines with a gap show region boundaries.
    • Land Owners
    • Coordinates add your X/Y/Z position to the navigation bar.
    • Parcel properties add icons to the navigation bar: no build, scripts, fly, push, voice; avatar visibility.
    • Advanced Menu Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+D

  • Sun
    • Sunrise
    • Midday Ctrl+Shift ⇧+Y
    • Sunset Ctrl+Shift ⇧+N
    • Midnight
  • Use Region Settings restore default sun and environment.
  • Environment Editor ▶ (formerly Windlight)


  • Build Ctrl+B open the build tools floater with Create selected.
  • Select Build Tool
  • Link Ctrl+L
  • Unlink Ctrl+Shift ⇧+L
  • Edit Linked Parts
  • Select Linked Parts
    • Select Next Part Ctrl+.
    • Select Previous Part Ctrl+,
    • Include Next Part Ctrl+Shift ⇧+.
    • Include Previous Part Ctrl+Shift ⇧+,
  • Linksets... locate pathfinding objects.

  • Focus on Selection H
  • Zoom to Selection Shift ⇧+H

  • Object
    • Take to inventory.
    • Take Copy to inventory.
    • Save Back to Object Contents replace an object rezzed from another object's inventory. Only works if you do not rename the edited item.
    • Return Object to its owner.
  • Scripts ▶ applies to scripts in the selected object or prim's inventory.
    • Recompile Scripts (Mono)
    • Recompile Scripts (LSL) also called LSO.
    • Reset Scripts
    • Set Scripts to Running
    • Set Scripts to Not Running Careful, not-running scripts can lose data on region crossings or restarts.
  • Pathfinding

  • Options
    • Show Advanced Permissions
    • Select Only My Objects
    • Select Only Movable Objects objects you are allowed to move.
    • Select By Surrounding in edit mode, drag the mouse to make a box to select objects. If on, include only objects totally inside the box. If off, add objects partially inside too.
    • Show Selection Outlines draw glowing lines around selected objects, yellow=root prim, blue=child.
    • Show Hidden Selection draw outlines for selected objects to reveal geometry.
    • Show Light Radius for Selection draw selected local light sources as semitransparent spheres.
    • Show Selection Beam show the trail of glowing dots from your left hand to selected object, does not affect what others see.
    • Snap to Grid G See video tutorial.
    • Snap Object XY to Grid Shift ⇧+X
    • Use Selection for Grid Shift ⇧+G
    • Grid Options Ctrl+Shift ⇧+B
  • Upload

  • Undo Ctrl+Z
  • Redo Ctrl+Y


  • How to... F1 basics of moving around and communicating.
  • Quickstart open Second Life Quickstart in a browser window.


To enable, go to Me>Preferences, Advanced tab, and check "Show Advanced Menu".

KBnote.png Note: Many Advanced menu items were moved to the Develop menu. If you don't find it here, look there.
  • Rebake Textures Ctrl+Alt+R no real effect since the change to server side appearance. It recreated worn avatar textures under old server versions.
  • Set UI Size to Default
  • Set Window Size...

  • Limit Select Distance to nearby objects.
  • Disable Camera Constraints allow camera to pass through solid objects.

  • High-res Snapshot to disk, forces snapshots larger than screen.
  • Quiet Snapshots to Disk don't send the message that triggers camera sound and animation.

  • Performance Tools
  • Highlighting and Visibility
    • Cheesy Beacon animate the red world map beacon.
    • Hide Particles Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+=
    • Hide Selected objects.
    • Highlight Transparent Ctrl+Alt+T transparent faces are tinted red, excluding invisiprims.
    • Show Mouselook Crosshairs
  • Rendering Types ▶ show or hide:
    • Simple Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+1 textures without alpha channels.
    • Alpha Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+2 textures with alpha channels.
    • Tree Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+3 Linden plants.
    • Avatars Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+4 bodies and attachments, but not name tags.
    • Surface Patch Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+5 terrain/ground texture.
    • Sky Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+6 entire sky dome including clouds and sun/moon.
    • Water Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+7 water surface only, view when under water is still tinted.
    • Ground Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+8
    • Volume Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+9 all objects, except Linden plants and attached rigged mesh.
    • Grass Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+0 Linden plants.
    • Clouds Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+-
    • Particles Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+=
    • Bump Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+\ legacy bump map and shiny effects.
  • Rendering Features
    • UI Ctrl+Alt+F1 same effect as Me>Hide all controls but works independently.
    • Selected Ctrl+Alt+F2 display texture alignment crosshair boxes with "Select Face".
    • Highlighted Ctrl+Alt+F3 (not used)
    • Dynamic Textures Ctrl+Alt+F4 enable clothing and sculpt previews in texture upload floater.
    • Foot Shadows Ctrl+Alt+F5 show/hide.
    • Fog Ctrl+Alt+F6 show/hide.
    • Test FRInfo Ctrl+Alt+F8 (not used).
    • Flexible Objects Ctrl+Alt+F9 enable/disable flexible prim effect.
  • Use Plugin Read Thread for web and media.
  • Clear Group Cache from memory. You should close group floaters first.
  • Mouse Smoothing
  • Release Keys drop permission from any objects that took controls, and detach if worn.

  • Shortcuts
    • Show Advanced Menu - legacy shortcut Ctrl+Alt+D
    • Close Window Ctrl+W
    • Close All Windows Ctrl+Shift ⇧+W
    • Snapshot to Disk Ctrl+` direct save without opening snapshot preview floater.
    • Mouselook M
    • Joystick Flycam Alt+Shift ⇧+F
    • Reset View Esc reset camera position, not FOV or other settings.
    • Look at Last Chatter Ctrl+\ avatar or object.
    • Zoom In Ctrl+0 narrow the field of view.
    • Zoom Default Ctrl+9 reset field of view to 60°.
    • Zoom Out Ctrl+8 widen the field of view.
  • Show Debug Settings
  • Show Develop Menu Ctrl+Alt+Q


The Develop menu is long enough to have its own page.