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NOTE - Shaded rows are topics for advanced/admin features that will not be localized.

Context ID English article Group
about_credits_tab Viewerhelp:About - Credits Support 
about_licenses_tab Viewerhelp:About - Licenses Support 
about_support_tab Viewerhelp:About - Info Support 
animation_preview Viewerhelp:Upload Animation Inventory 
avatarpicker Viewerhelp:Choose Resident Communication 
beacons Viewerhelp:Beacons Navigation 
blocked_list Viewerhelp:Blocked List Communication 
build_options_floater Viewerhelp:Grid Options Build Tools 
buy_land Viewerhelp:Buy Land Land 
buy_linden_dollars Viewerhelp:Buy Linden Dollars L$ 
camera_floater Viewerhelp:View Navigation 
colorpicker Viewerhelp:Color Picker Build Tools 
day_cycle_floater Viewerhelp:Day Cycle Editor WindLight 
environment_editor_floater Viewerhelp:Environment Editor WindLight 
floater_buy_contents Viewerhelp:Buy Contents Objects 
customize_shape_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Shape Avatar 
customize_skin_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Skin Avatar 
customize_hair_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Hair Avatar 
customize_eyes_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Eyes Avatar 
customize_shirt_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Shirt Avatar 
customize_pants_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Pants Avatar 
customize_shoes_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Shoes Avatar 
customize_socks_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Socks Avatar 
customize_jacket_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Jacket Avatar 
customize_gloves_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Gloves Avatar 
customize_undershirt_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Undershirt Avatar 
customize_underpants_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Underpants Avatar 
customize_skirt_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Skirt Avatar 
customize_alpha_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Alpha Avatar 
customize_tattoo_tab Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Tattoo Avatar 
event_details Viewerhelp:Event Details Search 
floater_about Viewerhelp:Media Browser Media Browser 
floater_help_browser Viewerhelp:Help Browser Support 
floater_im_box Viewerhelp:Conversations Communication 
floater_report_abuse Viewerhelp:Report Abuse Support 
floater_search Viewerhelp:Search Second Life Navigation 
floater_voice_controls Viewerhelp:Voice Call Communication 
floaterbulkperms Viewerhelp:Edit Content Permissions Build Tools 
gesture_preview Viewerhelp:Gesture Editor Avatar 
gestures Viewerhelp:Gestures Avatar 
give_money Viewerhelp:Pay Resident L$ 
group_general_tab Viewerhelp:Group - General Groups 
group_money_details_tab Viewerhelp:Group - Land/Assets - Details Groups 
group_money_planning_tab Viewerhelp:Group - Land/Assets - Planning Groups 
group_money_sales_tab Viewerhelp:Group - Land/Assets - Sales Groups 
group_notices_tab Viewerhelp:Group - Notices Groups 
groups Viewerhelp:Groups Picker Groups 
hardware_settings_floater Viewerhelp:Preferences - Graphics - Hardware Settings Preferences 
image_preview Viewerhelp:Upload Image Inventory 
incoming_call Viewerhelp:Incoming Call Communication 
inventory_finder Viewerhelp:Inventory - Show Filters Inventory 
item_properties Viewerhelp:Inventory Object Profile Inventory 
object_properties Viewerhelp:Inventory Object Profile Inventory 
joystick Viewerhelp:Joystick Configuration Preferences 
land_access_tab Viewerhelp:About Land - Access Land 
land_audio_tab Viewerhelp:About Land - Sound Land 
land_covenant_tab Viewerhelp:About Land - Covenant Land 
land_general_tab Viewerhelp:About Land - General Land 
land_holdings_floater Viewerhelp:My Land Land 
land_media_tab Viewerhelp:About Land - Media Land 
land_objects_tab Viewerhelp:About Land - Objects Land 
land_options_tab Viewerhelp:About Land - Options Land 
lsl_reference Viewerhelp:LSL Reference Scripting 
LSL_Portal Viewerhelp:LSL Portal Scripts 
map Viewerhelp:Mini-Map Navigation 
media_settings_controls Viewerhelp:Media Settings - Customize Media 
media_settings_general Viewerhelp:Media Settings - General Media 
media_settings_security Viewerhelp:Media Settings - Security Media 
move_floater Viewerhelp:Move Navigation 
mute_by_name Viewerhelp:Block Object By Name Objects 
my_outfits_tab Viewerhelp:My Appearance - My Outfits Appearance 
nearby_chat Viewerhelp:Nearby Chat Communication 
nearby_media Viewerhelp:Nearby_Media Media 
notification_chiclet Viewerhelp:Notifications Communication 
now_wearing_tab Viewerhelp:My Appearance - Wearing Appearance 
objectcontents Viewerhelp:Object Contents Inventory 
outgoing_call Viewerhelp:Outgoing Call Communication 
panel_my_picks_tab Viewerhelp:My Profile - Picks Sidebar 
panel_my_profile_tab Viewerhelp:My Profile - Profile Sidebar 
people_friends_tab Viewerhelp:People - Friends Sidebar 
people_groups_tab Viewerhelp:People - Groups Sidebar 
people_nearby_tab Viewerhelp:People - Nearby Sidebar 
people_recent_tab Viewerhelp:People - Recent Sidebar 
place_profile Viewerhelp:Places - Place Profile Sidebar 
landmark Viewerhelp:Places - Landmark Sidebar 
postcard Viewerhelp:Email Snapshot Communication 
pre_login_help Viewerhelp:Logging in to Second Life Other 
preferences_advanced1_tab Viewerhelp:Preferences - Advanced Preferences 
preferences_audio_tab Viewerhelp:Preferences - Sound Preferences 
preferences_chat_tab Viewerhelp:Preferences - Chat Preferences 
preferences_display_tab Viewerhelp:Preferences - Graphics Preferences 
preferences_general_tab Viewerhelp:Preferences - General Preferences 
preferences_im_tab Viewerhelp:Preferences - Privacy Preferences 
preferences_input_tab Viewerhelp:Preferences - Setup Preferences 
preferences_msgs_tab Viewerhelp:Preferences - Notifications Preferences 
preview_anim Viewerhelp:Animation Inventory 
preview_lsl_text Viewerhelp:Script Editor Inventory 
preview_notecard Viewerhelp:Notecard Inventory 
preview_sound Viewerhelp:Sound Inventory 
preview_texture Viewerhelp:Texture Inventory 
profile_notes_tab Viewerhelp:People - Notes and Privacy Communication 
profile_picks_tab Viewerhelp:People - Picks Communication 
profile_profile_tab Viewerhelp:People - Profile Communication 
panel_region_general_tab Viewerhelp:Region/Estate - Region Land 
panel_region_debug_tab Viewerhelp:Region/Estate - Debug Land 
panel_region_texture_tab Viewerhelp:Region/Estate - Ground Textures Land 
panel_region_terrain_tab Viewerhelp:Region/Estate - Terrain Land 
panel_region_estate_tab Viewerhelp:Region/Estate - Estate Land 
panel_region_covenant_tab Viewerhelp:Region/Estate - Covenant Land 
perm_prefs Viewerhelp:Default Upload Permissions Build Tools 
prim_media_controls Viewerhelp:Prim Media Controls Media 
profile_pick_info Viewerhelp:Pick Info Sidebar 
profile_classified_info Viewerhelp:Pick Info Sidebar 
profile_edit_classified Viewerhelp:My Profile - Edit Classified Sidebar 
profile_edit_pick Viewerhelp:My Profile - Edit Pick Sidebar 
my_inventory_tab Viewerhelp:My Inventory - My Inventory Sidebar 
recent_inventory_tab Viewerhelp:My Inventory - Recent Sidebar 
report_bug Viewerhelp:Bug Reporting Support 
roles_actions_tab Viewerhelp:Group - Roles - Abilities Groups 
roles_members_tab Viewerhelp:Group - Roles - Members Groups 
roles_roles_tab Viewerhelp:Group - Roles - Roles Groups 
script_ed_float Viewerhelp:Script Editor Scripting 
script_floater Viewerhelp:Script Notification Ready for QA 
scriptlimits Viewerhelp:Script Information Scripting 
script_search Viewerhelp:Script Search Scripting 
sell_land Viewerhelp:Sell Land Land 
sidebar_inventory Viewerhelp:My Inventory Inventory 
sidetray_home Viewerhelp:Second Life Help Sidebar 
panel_landmarks Viewerhelp:Places - My Landmarks Sidebar 
panel_teleport_history Viewerhelp:Places - Teleport History Sidebar 
snapshot Viewerhelp:Snapshot Preview Communication 
sound_preview Viewerhelp:Upload Sound Inventory 
floater_telehub Viewerhelp:Telehub Land 
texture_picker Viewerhelp:Pick Texture Build Tools 
this_is_fallbacktopic Viewerhelp:Second Life Help/2.0.0 Other 
toolbox_contents_tab Viewerhelp:Build Tools - Content Build Tools 
toolbox_features_tab Viewerhelp:Build Tools - Features Build Tools 
toolbox_floater Viewerhelp:Build Tools - Edit Terrain Build Tools 
toolbox_general_tab Viewerhelp:Build Tools - General Build Tools 
toolbox_object_tab Viewerhelp:Build Tools - Object Build Tools 
toolbox_texture_tab Viewerhelp:Build Tools - Texture Build Tools 
top_objects Viewerhelp:Top Colliders and Top Scripts Land 
url_entry Viewerhelp:Set Media URL Media 
water_settings_tab Viewerhelp:Advanced Water Editor - Settings WindLight 
water_waves_tab Viewerhelp:Advanced Water Editor - Image WindLight 
windlight_atmosphere_tab Viewerhelp:Advanced Sky Editor - Atmosphere WindLight 
windlight_clouds_tab Viewerhelp:Advanced Sky Editor - Clouds WindLight 
windlight_lighting_tab Viewerhelp:Advanced Sky Editor - Lighting WindLight 
worldmap Viewerhelp:World Map Navigation 
floater_lagmeter Viewerhelp:Lag Meter Advanced 
statistics Viewerhelp:Statistics Advanced  
settings_debug Viewerhelp:Debug Settings Advanced  
floater_bumps Viewerhelp:Bumps, Pushes, and Hits Develop  
gui_preview_tool Viewerhelp:GUI Preview Tool Develop  
memleak Viewerhelp:Memory Leak Develop  
notifications_console Viewerhelp:Notifications Console Develop  
godtools_grid_tab Viewerhelp:God Tools - Grid Admin  
godtools_objects_tab Viewerhelp:God Tools - Objects Admin  
godtools_region_tab Viewerhelp:God Tools - Region Admin  
godtools_request_tab Viewerhelp:God Tools - Request Admin  

Transcluded articles

These articles are used in multiple context-sensitive articles through transclusion, but are not "standalone" articles themselves.

Article Transcluding Articles Group
Viewerhelp:Appearance Editor - Save Appearance
Viewerhelp:Build Tools Build Tools
Viewerhelp:Build Toolbar Build Tools
Viewerhelp:Group - Assets Groups
Viewerhelp:Group - Land/Assets Groups
Viewerhelp:My Inventory Bottom Inventory
Viewerhelp:My Inventory Top Inventory
Viewerhelp:Selected Object Information Build Tools
Viewerhelp:Advanced Sky Editor WindLight
Viewerhelp:Advanced Water Editor WindLight

Additional articles

These are non-context-sensitive articles that do not have a corresponding help ID. Thus, we have replaced the "help ID" column with "Category".

Category Article Group
Reference Viewerhelp:Contents Reference 
Reference Viewerhelp:Glossary Reference  
Reference Viewerhelp:Menus Reference 
Reference Viewerhelp:Inspector Reference 
Reference Viewerhelp:Technical questions Support 
Reference Viewerhelp:Getting more help Support 
UI Reference Viewerhelp:My Inventory Context Menu Inventory 
UI Reference Viewerhelp:My Inventory Menus Inventory 
Task Viewerhelp:Looking around Navigation 
Task Viewerhelp:Moving around Navigation 
Task Viewerhelp:Communicating with other Residents Communication 
Task Viewerhelp:Finding interesting things to see and do Support 
Task Viewerhelp:Getting Linden Dollars L$ 
Task Viewerhelp:Buying things L$ 
Task Viewerhelp:Buying and owning land Land 
Task Viewerhelp:Types and sizes of land Land 
Task Viewerhelp:Buying versus renting Land 
Task Viewerhelp:How to buy a parcel Land 
Task Viewerhelp:Monitoring your land holdings and use Land 
Task Viewerhelp:Getting more or better land Land 
Task Viewerhelp:Controlling your region or estate Land 
Task Viewerhelp:Creating and viewing inworld media Media 
Task Viewerhelp:Changing your appearance Appearance 
Task Viewerhelp:Building and scripting Building 
Concept Viewerhelp:Groups Groups 
Concept Viewerhelp:Managing your inventory Inventory 
Concept Viewerhelp:Adult content Support 
Concept Viewerhelp:Permissions Inventory