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This is the meeting tracking and progress page for the weekly Server BETA QA Meeting, moderated by Maestro Linden. Please contact him on AGNI for more information. You can join the Second Life Beta group for updates.

The next meeting is Thursday, April 24 2014, 3PM PDT at MorrisD on the preview grid, ADITI.



Upcoming Stuff

  • There's an upcoming fix for (BUG-5763): "AGENT_MOUSELOOK flag is often incorrect when llGetAgentInfo() is called within control() event"
    • You can test the fix by teleporting to regions on the 'DRTSIM-251' channel of Aditi
      • "Ahern", "GC Test 10", and "Tehama" are regions on this channel. GC Test 10 is probably the most convenient to test on, as it mostly allows anybody to build and run scripts.

Interesting Stuff

Any Other Items

Short note about the fix for BUG 5733 (scripted teleports break attached scripts), affecting probably the TPVs.

Tested with the scripts from Darien's post with a teleporter script (to position 10m above the avatar in the same region) and in another attachment one initiator and 10 trigger scripts.

With the LL Viewer and at Tehama (the DRTSIM-251 sim, with the fix) the bug seems not appear at all, 100 scripted teleports with following manual teleports via map had no problem. In other regions, the bug hit every 5th or 6th scripted teleport.

In the Firestorm ( and there is another effect on Tehama: Every 5th or 6th scripted teleport (i.e. in the same region) falls into an endles teleport that you have to abort by a button. In other regions the bug breaks attachments as usual. --Jenna Felton 12:34, 17 April 2014 (PDT)

Update. A test after the meeting shown that the endless teleport effect no more appears with Firestorm viewer (with and without RLV mode) on all three DRTSIM-251 sims.

Group Ban FAQ

  • What does group ban do?
    • The group ban feature allows certain group members to specify that certain avatars cannot join the group. When an existing group member is banned, they are also automatically ejected from the group.
  • Who can ban somebody from a group?
    • Only group members with the new “Manage ban list” ability can add or remove avatars from the ban list. By default, only group members in the “Owners” role have the Manage ban list” ability, although this ability may be granted to other group roles.
    • A group role with “Manage ban list” ability will also automatically have “Eject Members from this Group” and “Remove Members from Roles” abilities, as the latter abilities are required in order to ban a group member.
  • What are the limitations of group ban?
    • Group members belonging to the “Owners” role cannot be banned from the group (the same rule applies to ejection).
    • A group may have up to 500 avatars in its ban list. When a group hits this limit, some avatars must be removed from the ban list before others may be added.
    • Group bans are only enforced on simulators which support group ban. During the server RC phase, avatars banned from groups will still be able to join them from non-group-ban simulators (although such users may be ejected from the group at any time).
  • How do I ban somebody from my group?
    1. Login with a viewer that supports group ban
    2. Go to a region that supports group ban
    3. Ensure that you have “Manage ban list” ability
      • This information is found in the group info floater, under ‘Roles’ -> ‘ROLES’ -> ‘Allowed Abilities’ panel -> ‘Group Ban’ section
    4. To ban via the group member list,
      1. Open the group info floater’
      2. Open ‘Roles’ -> ‘MEMBERS’, and select the group members you wish to ban
      3. Hit the ‘Ban Member(s)’ button
      4. The selected group members will be ejected from the group and added to the ban list
    5. To ban any user from your group (a member or not)
      1. Open the group info floater
      2. Open ‘Roles’ -> ‘BANNNED AGENTS’
      3. Hit the ‘Ban Resident(s)’ button
      4. Using the people picker floater, find the avatars you wish to ban
      5. Hit the ‘Ban Residents’ button
      6. The avatars will be added to the ban list. If they were group members, they will also be ejected from the group.
  • How do I unban somebody from my group?
    1. Login with a viewer that supports group ban
    2. Go to a region that supports group ban
    3. Ensure that you have “Manage ban list” ability
    4. Open the group info floater
    5. Open ‘Roles’ -> ‘BANNNED AGENTS’
    6. Select the banned agents you wish to unbar
    7. Hit the ‘Remove Ban(s)’ button
  • Where can I test group ban?
    • Sims which support group ban will soon be available on parts of Aditi, and test viewers will be made available. Stay tuned for updates.

Known issues for group ban

  • Filter by name string under Group -> Roles -> Banned Agents is non-functional (viewer UI)
  • Adding a ban on an agent via Group -> Roles -> Banned Agents -> Ban Resident(s) button doesn't immediately update the list of banned agents (viewer UI)
  • There are no warning messages if you attempt to ban an agent who is already on the Banned Agents list (via Group -> Roles-> Banned Agents -> Ban Resident(s))
  • In the event of a revoked eject ability for a group member, you may see "You ejected user from group" in addition to the correct message "Unable to eject member user from the group"
  • In the event of double ban event the second banner also sees "You ejected user from group" in addition to the correct message.
  • Banning a group member via Group -> Roles -> Banned Agents -> Ban Residents(s) button doesn't eject them (viewer)
  • Viewer Ban date doesn't display it in SL time (Pacific Standard Time) - instead, it shows the date in UTC (viewer UI)
  • currently chokes when displaying the list of groups an avatar belongs to

Open Items

Minutes from Previous Meetings